One Streamlined Solution,
Ten Major Improvements for Your Grocery Business

Your retail operations depend on accurate, up-to-date transaction data – transferred quickly and consistently from all sources to your head office enterprise systems.

Traditional auditing systems simply cannot keep up. They cost you profit everyday in excess staff, added time, and inconsistent data that leads to errors and poor decisions.

Epicor Retail Sales Audit was designed from the ground up to turn these “weakest links” into some of your strongest assets. As part of our Audit and Operations Management solution, Sales Audit equips you to:

  • Streamline multiple data sources
  • Work with one version of the truth
  • Maximize audit staff efficiency
  • Access data more quickly
  • Strengthen data integrity
  • Centralize auditing
  • Easily share reports
  • Improve store procedure compliance
  • Reduce fraud and errors
  • Simplify reconciliation

What could this mean to your business?

Huge savings and ROI! Discover how other retailers have used Sales Audit to save $ millions in human capital costs, paper and postage; reduce audit staff by up to 90%; and shorten closing times by 10x …and how you could too!

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Case Study

Discover how one retailer eliminated 160+ auditing positions and 30% of cash office staff.

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