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More than 140 leading retailers have leveraged the unique advantages of Epicor Retail Sales Audit to dramatically improve their business operations.

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Navy Exchange Case Study

With more than 100 stores worldwide, Navy Exchange serves the varied consumer needs of US Naval personnel and their families. Before implementing Epicor Retail Sales Audit, this high-volume retailer struggled with a wide range of accounting challenges. With Sales Audit, they were able to automate and centralize procedures, reduce staff by 160 positions, close much faster, improve security, and make better business decisions. Learn how.

Epicor Retail Audit and Operations Management Brochure

Review our brochure to learn more about how Sales Audit works, what it delivers, and some of the other, related applications that can improve your performance and strengthen your bottom line.

RTP White Paper: 10 Paybacks from Automated Sales Audits

This White Paper from Retail TouchPoints explains the many advantages of using an advanced, automated auditing system to optimize the accuracy, integrity, management and streamlined delivery of your vital transaction data. You’ll learn how today’s leading solutions have transformed the auditing process from cash analysis to business analysis, their key features and functionality, and how top retailers use them to reduce costs, time and risks.

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Navy Exchange Case Study

Discover how one retailer eliminated 160+ auditing positions and 30% of cash office staff.

Epicor Retail Audit & Operations Management

Learn more about Epicor Retail Audit and Operations Management.

10 Paybacks from Automated Sales Audits

Explore all the benefits of advanced, automated auditing.

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