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When it comes to retail merchandising, today’s multichannel retailers face unique challenges.  Ensuring complete customer satisfaction hinges upon optimizing your retail planning processes to guarantee fast delivery of the products your customers want, when they want them—all at the lowest price. Driven by a powerful calculation engine, the Epicor® Retail Merchandise Planning software automates the creation and balancing of product and store plans, enabling you to easily plan to store level and create plans that you can ship to, quickly and efficiently. With Epicor’s powerful retail merchandising planning software, your plans are synchronized across your organization, helping you reduce inventory and increase turnover.

Retail Merchandising Solutions

Thanks to full integration with Epicor Retail Merchandising (including Allocation and Replenishment), Epicor Retail Planning enables you to allocate to store plans quickly and easily. You can also plan assortments by store with combined visual and numeric planning. Finally, for a more immediate ROI, retail assortment planning offers a quick implementation option using standard rules.

Merchandise Planning System

Incorporating merchandise planning best practices from some of the industry's top experts, Epicor retail planning software specialists have been implementing retail planning systems for more than 20 years at over 45 of North America's leading retailers..

Epicor merchandising planning includes merchandise planning and assortment planning.

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