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If you believe that the support of your multinational organization needs a truly global partner that understands both the nuances of your local business operations and the control and intelligence needs of your corporation, then welcome to the world of Epicor®, your global ERP solutions provider. With the global reach to partner directly with your business (wherever that may be) Epicor uniquely provides a single point of accountability, ensuring you have the control necessary to maximize the return on your investment in our enterprise software solutions. We can offer accountability because Epicor directly supports all the ERP solutions it provides; there is no smoke and mirrors about who you contact to enhance your operations. You work with Epicor and Epicor works for you, it’s that simple.

Global ERP Solutions That Meet Your Business Goals

Through years of experience working with our corporate customers and our industry-specific focus groups we have learned that every organization is different. Our global consulting teams work with our configurable solutions to meet your unique needs, removing complexity rather than adding it. Why not have a chat with them about centralized versus decentralized deployment models (or even mixed mode), or the cost benefits of globally standardized processes in the world of Sarbanes-Oxley? If you are considering an acquisition in, for example, Latin America or Asia, but concerned about whether their current financial systems are robust enough to provide the central data you need in a timely manner, then give us a call; you will be surprised how quickly we can harmonize operations. Conversely if you are thinking of disposing of an international operating unit, why not talk to Epicor about rapidly deploying a cost effective solution that supports a neatly packaged carve out. And, when it comes to implementing a comprehensive warehouse management system to give you top-down visibility into your global supply chain, Epicor provides the country-specific supply chain management software you need to successfully manage your distribution network no matter where your operations are located.

Global ERP Solutions Provider

Epicor is the true global enterprise software solutions provider to your multinational organization, doing business in more than 140 countries and providing solutions in more than 30 languages. With our global support infrastructure of more than 400 people in 15 global centers, your local business will be able to call on a local dedicated support team; and with 22 languages spoken there is every chance that we speak yours. Our team can explain how our ERP solutions can help you manage your ‘Recargo de Equivalencia’ in Spain, Russian ‘Red Storno’ transactions or the Chinese 'Golden Tax' system. They can also explain why withholding tax in Israel works in a different way to withholding tax in Egypt, or how our solutions automate the management of cascading tax structures in Brazil, India or Canada. And, we can also show you how to link your trading partners, processes, and systems to optimize your global supply chain. Software solutions designed with your multinational business needs in mind is our specialty. We know what you need. Do you need what we know?

Have questions about our Global ERP Solutions? Please call us at +1-800-999-6995, chat with a specialist, or send us an e-mail.

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