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Referencing current and accurate documentation is a critical piece to being successful when installing, configuring, and using your ERP solution. Epicor University provides a wide array of documentation for each software release. The documentation takes into consideration various roles and levels of expertise within your organization to help ensure quality information is readily available when needed.

Examples of our documentation include:

User Guides and eBooks: Illustrated, detailed instructions that walk users through major application functions available both in printed and electronic format.

Feature Summaries: Concise overview of the new functionality within each Epicor ERP version and releases.

Knowledge Base: An extensive collection of documents, including answers to frequently asked questions, procedural documentation, release notes, tips from Epicor staff, and more.

Online Help: Reference tool that documents application feature/functionality, field definitions, technical detail, calculations, tips, and examples.

Installation Guides: Comprehensive instructions on installing applications. Technical Reference Guides: In depth information on the most complex functionality and business logic.

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