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Certification Spotlight

Congratulations! Epicor University is proud to say that our employees and partners are making great progress on certification! In September, 51 certifications were achieved. Please click the links below to view the names of those that have recently achieved Epicor ERP certification and congratulate your fellow consultants and support reps.

US/Canada and LAC Certification Due Dates Announced - The following certification due dates have been announced:

  • December 31, 2012 – All to be 9.05.700 certified
  • January 31, 2013 – All to be base certified in Level 1
  • March 29, 2013 – For those applicable, to be base certified in Level 2

Exam Results and Reset Requests - Starting October 1, exam takers can now view their exam results after submitting an exam. Exam results show the response selected, if it was correct or incorrect, and display the correct answer if the question was answered incorrectly. Along with this change, exams are set to allow only one attempt. If the exam taker is unable to pass the exam on this one attempt, they simply email and request the exam to be reset. The Epicor University team will reset the exam and copy the exam taker’s manager on the email – the same process that was in place before these changes.

Exam Updates with Release 9.05.701 - Exams that will be replaced with release 9.05.701 have been updated with “Will retire mid-October”. Look for more information on this in the next newsletter. As always, the best place to view your remaining requirements is on your My Certification Status page in EPICweb. Information is updated every two weeks with the date of last update indicated on this page.

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PMP Certification Training

Epicor is offering Project Management Professional (PMP) certification training for qualified individuals seeking PMP certification through the Project Management Institute. This 36-hour course fulfills the Continuing Education Unit (CEU) requirement for PMP candidates. For more information, including a list of prerequisites that must be met to sit for the exam and course topics, click here.

For those interested in attending this training in North America, Jonathan Contre (, a certified PMI instructor, will be conducting this class via the web over a period of 12 weeks starting November 13th.

To register, click here. Once on the site, click the Find a Course button and select the Courses tab on the left. The class is found in the “Epicor 9 – Consultant/Partner Certification” category.

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Customer Support Training for WDN

Epicor University, in collaboration with Impact Learning Systems, is conducting live and web-based training sessions for WDN customer support analysts. This initiative was launched to increase customer satisfaction, to improve support center metrics, and to provide a foundation for our employees to deliver world-class customer support.

The customer support training was conducted in Yardley, PA and in Hyannis, MA, and feedback was great! This week, Epicor University is in Westminster, CO and will also begin a series of web-based sessions for remote WDN support staff. Refresher training, conducted over the web, will be scheduled in the coming months.

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Hands On, Virtual Training for Prophet 21

With the soon-to-be-released ICE Extend for Prophet 21 12.10, Prophet 21 users will want to attend the Business Activity Queries and Dashboards virtual courses to learn how to use these ICE Extend tools with Prophet 21.

Using the latest in web collaborative technology, attendees are led by an expert instructor with exclusive access to a live Prophet 21 system where you will complete exercises along with the instructor. And, just like the web-based training, no travel, special equipment, or software is required to attend the virtual trainings; attendees simply join the virtual classroom using a browser and a telephone.

  • Business Activity Queries – This one day virtual training introduces you to the Business Activity Query (BAQ) Designer data extraction tool. In this course, you will gain a basic understanding of query building techniques for creating static business activity queries as well as updatable queries - a powerful way to share and update data details when used as the foundation of a dashboard. It creates a commanding tool for team collaboration displayed in the ICE application or modified for display on a mobile device. Available dates are November 16 and November 29.
  • Dashboards - In this one day course, you will gain an understanding of how to build dashboards, a user interface that organizes and presents information in a way that is easy to read in a variety of ways, including grids, charts, and tracker views. With dashboards, you have access to critical information in a real-time environment so users can act on changes as they occur. Throughout the course, workshops provide a hands-on experience to strengthen the knowledge gained. Available dates are November 12 and November 26.

To register, click here You will need a valid customer website login to access this link.

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Just Released On-Demand Courses for Eclipse and Prophet 21

The on-demand courses listed below are available to our Eclipse and Prophet 21customers with an LMS subscription.

Eclipse - Understanding Terms Maintenance – This course shows you how to create terms codes using Terms Maintenance in either the E-term or Solar application. This includes learning about all the fields as well as learning how Eclipse calculates the discount date, net due date, and service charge date based on the settings in Terms Maintenance.

Prophet 21 - Reallocating Material - This course shows you how to reallocate inventory to fulfill high priority orders. The course starts with an overview of the reallocation process and then works through several step-by-step examples. Reallocation of items, tracking serial numbers, lot numbers, and/or bin numbers is optionally included. And finally, you will learn how to cancel a line item off of a production order.

Prophet 21 - VAT Setup - In this course, you will learn how to enable functionalities for handling payment, collection, recording and reporting of value added tax. Course takers begin by learning firsthand the steps to switch on and complete basic setup for VAT tracking in their system. Subsequent lessons explain how to generate VAT codes and tax groups - key elements in the process that are designed to store VAT information accessed in transactions with customers and vendors.

Prophet 21 - Wireless Warehouse Management System: Purchase Order Receipts - This course shows you how to use your wireless device to receive material against a purchase order and how to identify the bin to which you put away that material. For those who carry items that track lot numbers, you will learn how to post lot numbers when receiving these items. You will also learn how to account for an incoming freight charge.

Many other on-demand courses are coming soon! For Eclipse, a series of on-demand courses covering Eclipse reporting is in development. This series includes an overview of Eclipse reports, creating a report using the New Report Wizard, using report column options, and running reports.

For Prophet 21, you can soon expect the on-demand courses VAT on Inputs and Outputs, BACS: Configuration and Check Processing, and many ICE Extend courses, which include Prophet 21 Data Dictionary, View SQL Information in Prophet 21, Tour the BAQ Designer, Create a Basic BAQ, Create an Updatable BAQ, Introduction to Dashboards, and Dashboard Design.

To view the full Eclipse or Prophet 21 course listing, including live training over the web and in the classroom, click here You will need a valid customer website login to access this link.

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Epicor ERP Featured Classes

Implementation Camp – This course reviews and prototypes the necessary setup to create a company and master files from the start of implementation. This week long training includes several hands-on, practice-focused workshops that will train you on the most common company configuration and maintenance program setup factors applicable to the implementation process of the Epicor application. After configuration and maintenance program setup is complete, you will work on three business scenarios (engineer-to-order, make-to-order, and ship from stock) that will explore and demonstrate these manufacturing strategies including the configuration set up earlier.

  • November 5-9: Web (Chicago / Minneapolis / Monterrey Time Zone)
  • November 12-16: Shanghai
  • November 12-16: Web (Berlin/Budapest/Stockholm Time Zone)
  • November 19-23: Web (Beijing/Kuala Lumpur/Shanghai Time Zone)
  • December 10-14: Web (Chicago / Minneapolis / Monterrey Time Zone)

Financials for Power Users – October 22-26, Minneapolis
This course provides an in-depth explanation of several complex Epicor 9 financial features, such as modifiable posting rules, Advanced Financial Reporting (AFR), multiple books, dynamic segments, reporting currencies, and cross company consolidations. All the information an advanced Epicor 9 financial user wants to know is included in this must attend course. To view the full class description, click here.

Software Developer Kit (SDK) Training – December 3-7, Minneapolis
In this class, you will learn how to create programs that enhance the Epicor application so it can match the needs of any organization, including creating new tables and programs that interact with the Epicor framework. To view the full class description, click here.

To view the full course schedule and to register, click here. Once on the site, click the Find a Course button and select the Courses tab on the left. Use the “Epicor 9” course categories to locate a class that interests you!

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New Epicor Mobile 9.04.01 Deliverables

Over 10 new and updated supporting documents for the 9.04.01 Epicor Mobile release are available for download on EPICweb > Documentation > Epicor Mobile.

In summary:

  • Both Field Service and Sales Assistant user guides are designed for iOS devices. They introduce the Epicor Mobile application and help you navigate through the main tools supported by the program. All the described topics are specified by the up-to-date screen captures and detailed descriptions.
  • The Epicor Mobile Sales Assistant and Epicor Mobile Field Service education courses describe the most common business procedures and provide step-by-step instructions for each of them. Business examples are included in the courses to guide you through the training with true to life situations.
  • Other deliverables are updated and revised according to the recent Epicor Mobile improvements.

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EPICweb – Your Access to Learning

Gain access to EPICweb for a wealth of resources at your fingertips

To request access to EPICweb, or if you are unable to access any of the links to EPICweb in this newsletter, please email Enter EPICweb Credentials Needed in the subject line of your email. Epicor IT will email you a user name and password for EPICweb.

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