Overcome Training Challenges with Epicor Knowledge Mentor

Optimise End User Adoption with Epicor Knowledge Mentor

Employee training can be very challenging and expensive. With end user role changes, employee turnover, and evolving processes, training can be burdensome. Epicor Knowledge Mentor helps solve these challenges, allowing you to easily create, deploy and manage custom training and documentation to ensure your users get up to speed quickly and easily.

With Epicor Knowledge Mentor you can:

  • Easily create end-user training specific to your organisation, processes and end-user roles
  • Improve user adoption, proficiency and utilisation of your company's software will increase user productivity through a "learning by doing" philosophy
  • Create education content once and publish in multiple formats, ensuring consistency and saving you time

Discover how Epicor Knowledge Mentor can help you extend the benefit of your investment in Epicor by improving your employees' knowledge and ability to utilise the applications.

Get ready to see how Epicor Knowledge Mentor allows you to easily create, deploy and manage custom training and documentation.
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See how Epicor provides HCC Industries with scalable and repeatable training processes and tools.
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Discover how Epicor Knowledge Mentor can help your organisation overcome training challenges.
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Educate for ROI whitepaper provides a starting point and information for consideration before developing a training program.
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