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Epicor® understands the pressures on furniture and fixture manufacturers. Customer demands for reduced lead times, lower prices, and stricter quality standards continually challenge your business to remain competitive. Global competition puts addtional stress on the marketplace—and on your profit margins. You need a furniture material resource planning system, or MRP system, that understands the challenges of your industry.

MRP System Software for the Furniture and Fixtures Manufacturing Industry

  • Epicor Material Resource Planning (MRP) system enables you to manage the ever-increasing array of materials you consume. Forecast end-product requirements, adjust production as forecasts change, and generate suggested purchase orders to fill anticipated gaps in your raw material inventory.
  • Epicor furniture manufacturing software enables you to closely manage costing of each set of production, including product-based and production set-based reporting.
  • Embedded Scheduling and Advanced Planning and Scheduling functionality help reduce your lead times.
  • The Epicor comprehensive Quality Suite automates the regulatory compliance process, helping you meet ISO requirements.
  • Epicor for Furniture and Fixture manufacturers offers embedded Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality, enabling you to turn leads into firm orders and manage customer demand.

Epicor ERP Software is uniquely positioned to bring new operational efficiencies, lower lead times, and reduce operational costs for furniture and fixture manufacturers.

Strong Customer Relationship Management (CRM) coupled with Product Configuration and Product Data Management can assist these organizations in staying agile while also minimizing overhead.

Have questions about our Manufacturing Software Solutions for Furniture and Fixtures Manufacturers? Please call us at +1-800-999-6995, or ask an epicor expert.

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