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Interested in what leading industry analyst firms are saying about Epicor® solutions and technology? Check out the following articles and reports featuring Epicor and its offerings.



Technology Evaluation Centers - January 2015

Epicor Retail Acquires ShopVisible for E-commerce and Omnichannel Order Management


Saugatuck Technology - December 2014

Epicor - Making Clouds in Manufacturing ERP / Finance


Gartner, Inc. - November 2014

Magic Quadrant for Single-Instance ERP for Product-Centric Midmarket Companies


Technology Evaluation Centers - October 2014

Conference Note: 2014 HR Technology Conference Takes On HCM Big Data


EKN - October 2014

Upgrading Analytics for Mid-market Retail Success: Epicor to Acquire QuantiSense


Constellation Research - October 2014

2014 SuperNova Award Winners Announced!


Technology Evaluation Centers - September 2014

Epicor Integrates Epicor ERP and Mattec MES


ChainLink Research - September 2014

Direct Materials P2P: Solutions Examples (Part 6)


Nucleus Research – August 2014

Epicor Releases Eagle N Series


Ventana Research – June 2014

Epicor Faces a Challenging Future


Technology Evaluation Centers – June 2014

Epicor Insights 2014–Raising the ERP Game


Constellation Research – May 2014

Epicor Recaptures Mojo With Insights 14


ZDNet – May 2014

Epicor reinvigorates its ERP offerings


Mint Jutras – May 2014

Epicor Insights 2014: Epicor Responds to Trends in ERP


ChainLink Research – May 2014

Insights on Epicor: Highlights from Insights Epicor User Conference


Aberdeen Group – May 2014

Epicor Social Enterprise and the Impact of Collaboration in Financial Management


Technology Evaluation Centers – April 2014

In with Microsoft SQL Server 2014, Out with Progress OpenEdge for Epicor ERP 10


Technology Evaluation Centers – April 2014

Epicor Introduces Commerce Connect Platform for Epicor ERP 10


Technology Evaluation Centers – April 2014
Epicor Releases New Windows Phone 8 Apps


LNS Research – January 2014

Analyzing Epicor’s Manufacturing Software Capabilities, Beyond ERP


EKN – January 2014

NRF 2014: How to Read a Retailer’s Brain & Heart and Does the Customer Deserve Better than “Almost”?


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